Podcasts, Radio and TV

“Building a Made-in-Canada Solution to Harmful Online Hate,” The Spark, CBC Radio (November 16, 2018).

“Rhetorik der CSU auf dem Prüfstand,” (CSU Rhetoric under Scrutiny) Tagesthemen, ARD (June 26, 2018).

“Fake News and the Rise of Information Warfare,” The Global Exchange (June 11, 2018).

“Twitter Isn’t the Voice of the People and Media Shouldn’t Pretend It Is,” The Spark, CBC Radio (April 6, 2018).

“The New Old Fear of Media,” Connected and Disaffected (March 28, 2018).

“Net Neutrality,” Mark Leonard’s World in 30 Minutes, European Council on Foreign Relations (December 18, 2017).

“Facebook, Politics, and Foreign Influence,” The Spark, CBC Radio (October 22, 2017).

“Freedom of Speech and Populism,” The Brainstorm podcast (with Hans Kundnani and Yascha Mounk), Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (August 21, 2017).

“Securing a Digital Battlefield,” Future Podcast (June 28, 2017).

“The Future of Ransomware and the Networked World,” The Spark, CBC Radio (May 21, 2017).

“Women at the United Nations,” Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 (February 3, 2017).

“Unpicking the United Nations,” (with Lord Mark Malloch Brown, Jussi M. Hanhimäki, and Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo), The Forum, BBC World Service (November 20, 2016).

 “The United Nations at 70: Then & Now,” (with Susan Pedersen, Ambassador John Negroponte, Nina Khrushcheva, William Cohen, Ian Hurd, and Matthew Russell Lee) Huffington Post Live (October 24, 2015).

Panel Discussion Participant, “Are the Humanities in Crisis?,” KCRW (December 27, 2013).

Regular appearances since 2017 on CBC, CJOB (Winnipeg), CKNW (Vancouver), National Post Radio, News1130 (Vancouver), Ottawa Today 1310.


“Government-Imposed Internet Blackouts Are A Power Move to Suppress Dissent,” The Conversation (June 24, 2019).

“Author Q&A: Informational Wars,” Vancouver Sun (June 22, 2019).

“A Lesson from 1930s Germany: Beware State Control of Social Media,” The Atlantic (May 26, 2019).

“Information Warfare is Here to Stay: States Have Always Fought for the Means of Communication,” Foreign Affairs (April 2019).

“News from Germany: The Competition to Control World Communications, 1900-1945,” The Page 99 Test (April 2019).

“We Can’t Rely Solely on Silicon Valley to Tackle Online Hatred,” (co-authored with Chris Tenove and Fenwick McKelvey), Globe & Mail (November 12, 2018).

“Quietly, One of Trump’s Tariffs Threatens Democracy,” Washington Post (September 11, 2018).

“L’âge d’or des médias: une exception historique?,” Ina Global (September 4, 2018).

“Why the ‘Golden Age’ of Newspapers was the Exception, Not the Rule,” (co-authored with John Maxwell Hamilton), Nieman Lab (May 2, 2018).

“What Europe Can Teach Canada about Protecting Democracy,” (co-authored with Chris Tenove), The Conversation (April 5, 2018).

“Tweets are the new Vox Populi,” Columbia Journalism Review (March 27, 2018).

“Is Germany’s Foreign Minister Having a Chrystia Freeland Moment?” The Conversation (January 8, 2018).

“Foreign Propaganda is a Problem Again, But Maybe a Smaller One than We Think,” Made by History, Washington Post (October 3, 2017).

“Privacy Shapes Our News,” Goethe Institute, Washington DC (June 22, 2017).

“How to Make Facts Matter Again,” OECD Yearbook 2017 (June 2017).

“How Germany is Tackling Hate Speech,” Foreign Affairs (May 16, 2017).

“Cambridge Analytica, Trump, and the New Old Fear of Manipulating the Masses,” Nieman Lab (May 15, 2017).

“Microsoft is Right: We Need a Digital Geneva Convention,” Wired (May 9, 2017).

“How to Spend It: Three Simple Suggestions to Increase German Military Spending,” War on the Rocks
(May 2, 2017).

“What Makes Health Special?” Invited Blog Post for Reluctant Internationalists, Birkbeck,
University of London (December 19, 2016).

“Why the History of News Explains its Future,”
(co-authored with John Maxwell Hamilton) The Conversation (May 17, 2016).

Contributor, “What Can One Photo Tell Us about the Media and 2016?,” Politico Magazine (May/June 2016).

“Lab Partners: Experimenting with Active Learning,” (co-authored with Gabriel Pizzorno) Perspectives on History. The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association (April 2016), pp. 23-24.

“From World Health to World Heritage: Seventy Years of the United Nations,” UN Chronicle 52 (September 2015).

“History Lessons: Why Germany’s ‘Google Tax’ Won’t Work,” (co-authored with Christopher Buschow)
Nieman Reports (October 23, 2014).

“Does England Have the Solution to the Grade-Inflation Problem?” The Atlantic (October 20, 2014).

“Writing a Student Evaluation Can Be Like Trolling the Internet: How a Long-Despised University Tradition Can Be a Chance to Teach Civility,” The Atlantic
(May 21, 2014).

“The Real Reason the Humanities are ‘in Crisis’,” The Atlantic (December 18, 2013).


“Falsche Nachrichten hat es immer gegeben: Ein Interview zwischen Heidi Tworek und Georg Ismar,” Der Tagesspiegel (August 3, 2019).

“Informationskriege,” Internationale Politik (March/April 2019), pp. 122-129.

“Als ob Flüchtlinge Touristen wären,” Süddeutsche Zeitung (June 20, 2018), p. 2.

“Nicht bei der Verteidigung sparen!” (co-authored with Niklas Helwig) ZEIT Online (October 30, 2017).

 “Die Probleme mit Freihandelsabkommen,” Der Tagesspiegel (August 7, 2017), p. 6. Appeared online as “Nichts aus den Fehlern gelernt,” Der Tagesspiegel (August 30, 2017).

“Was Deutschland von Kanada lernen kann: Die Trump-Diplomatie,” Der Tagesspiegel (March 9, 2017).

“Das Märchen vom Schicksalstag,” (co-authored with Thomas Weber) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (November 8, 2014).

“Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Gesetzgebung? Debatten zum Nachrichtenschutz im Wandel der Zeit,” (co-authored with Christopher Buschow) Der Digitale Wandel - Magazin für Internet und Gesellschaft 1.2 (August 2014), pp. 14–16.

“LSR: Wiederholt sich die Geschichte?” (co-authored with Christopher Buschow) Vocer, iRights, and Golem (July 2014).

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