Tworek teaches international history, digital history, and the history of news. Here you can find syllabuses as well as guides for working on digital history.

International history

Tworek teaches a year-long course on the history of international relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Please contact her if you are interested in seeing the syllabus or for further details.

History of News and Digital History

With the help of a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund Grant from UBC, Heidi created the History Lab course in 2018. This teaches students how to do big data research with digitized newspapers. The History Lab allows students to work on a digital history project with faculty members. It brings the experimental and collaborative spirit of a lab to humanities research. The Lab has two main objectives. First, it exposes students to the messy process of research. It removes the walls between teaching and scholarship. Second, it enables students to acquire digital research skills. Heidi co-created a History Lab at her previous institution, Harvard University, with great success. By putting students in the driving seat, the course turns conventional ideas about instruction on their head. We have all heard of the flipped classroom. This is a flipped curriculum. You can read more about the Harvard iteration of the History Lab in Heidi’s co-written piece for the American Historical Association’s Perspectives magazine.


Starting in April 2019, Heidi will post syllabuses and guides for those interested in using digitized newspapers for research.

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